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The Boat is a one minute dance film made together with Flemish choreographer Zoë Demoustier.
A short reflection about flee and looking for a safe place.
About the one's that did not make it.

Screenings: Cinedans 2017 | 60secondsdance festival 2017 (winner 2nd prize Norway) | Kortreist dance festival Norway 2017 | International ScreendanceFestival of Chile FIVC 2017 | POOL 17 - INTERNATIONALES TanzFilmFestival Berlin.


YODOK III, a free jazz/avant-garde band commit me to make a video music. They gave me a track and the artistic freedom to develop a concept. I choose to illustrate the song with people passing-by in a city environment seen from a fixed camera position: unknown people as unaware actors crossing the frame, we look at them for the first and probably last time. A sequence of different shots tuned on the rhythm of the music with the addition of dansers as an extra layer that creates a kind of visual disturbing element.


Imagine standing still in a crowded street and observing the busy people passing by. Six dancers take up the challenge and mingle with the passers-by, each in their own style, seeking contact - or trying to avoid it.
Concept and direction: Sergio Gridelli
Choreography in collaboration with the dancers: Andrea Beugger
Dancers: Andreas Denk, Andrea Beugger, Nicole Geertruida, Kim Hoogterp, Liam McCall, Robert Thomas Villedieu
Musical scores: Fred Avril, Jesse Koolhaas

Screenings: Cinedans 2015 | ARTWEST 2015 Amsterdam | InShadow festival 2015 Lisbon | Sinema Dans Ankara Festival 2015 | Athens Video Dance Project 2016 Athens | Amsterdam 24H West 2016.


A short dance film about the impulsive search of a woman for the horizon is no longer visible in the city. Does the horizon actually exist, or does it no longer belong to city life?
Concept & direction: Katharina Conradi, Sergio Gridelli
Choreography: Katharina Conradi
Camera, editing: Sergio Gridelli
Dancer: Marieke Dermul
Musical scores: Dirk Serries

Supported by: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Provincie West-Vlaanderen

Screenings: Kinepolis Bruges en Kortrijk 2013 | Shakalaka Bruges 2014 | Cinedans 2014 Amsterdam| World Urban Forum 2014 Medelin | Metro Movies Festival Amsterdam 2014 | Broadcasted on AT5 (Dutch local TV station) | 24 uur Cultuur 2014 Rotterdam | InShadow Festival 2014 Lisbon | BIEFF Festival 2014 Boekarest | Athens Video Dance Project 2015 Athens.

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An Art project about empty spaces in Amsterdam. This project, from april 2010 till april 2011, was online and show up in Amsterdam as a travelling exhibitions. The project is closed but you still can see it through the link (only visible as a Flash site!).
Concept and photography: Sergio Gridelli
Realized together with Nienke Roijakkers and Daniëlle de Boo

Supported by: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds
Stichting DOEN
SNS Reaal


A short movie as the result of a research about photographer Eadweard Muybridge and his analysis of te human motion.
Made in collaboration with Marcelo Evelin

Supported by: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

KvK nr. 34334609
Btw nr. NL146864475 B01
Mob (+31) (0)615323369
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